Professor David De Cremer: The Proactive Leader

CEIBS Professor of Management David De Cremer has written the book The Proactive Leader: How to Overcome Procrastination and Be a Bold Decision-makerwhich will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in May 2013.

In this book, Prof. De Cremer has utilized the most innovative, new scientific insights to explain the causes of procrastination and why this behaviour seriously undermines a leader's efforts to promote trust and efficiency within their company. Using case studies of well known leaders, the book explores the decisions they have made and actions they have taken to show where procrastination and inaction has led to failure, and what can be learnt from these examples.

We are all familiar with the delaying of decisions and for many of us, some forms of procrastination are acceptable. Many leaders have difficulty exerting influence in the right ways and are uncertain about the ‘how’ of leadership decisions. In fact, it has recently become clear that leaders nowadays have become major procrastinators – when leaders avoid making significant decisions their inaction can have serious consequences.

In The Proactive Leader, Prof. De Cremer explains the psychological and situational factors that cause leader procrastination and how to manage this behavior in yourself and your teams. His insights will help you to become more aware of the negative consequences that procrastination may lead to and to become skilled in using this knowledge to become a more effective leader. Advance reviews have been positive:

"Why do our leaders often fail to take up responsibility and make decisions in a timely fashion? David De Cremer uses behavioral analyses to explain this important leadership failure and what to do about it." – John A. Quelch, Distinguished Professor of International Management, Co-Chair of the International Advisory Board, and Chairman of the Academic Council at CEIBS and Charles Edward Wilson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School 

"An excellent guide for leaders who want to get their followers, as well themselves, to follow through." – Piers Steel, author of the best-selling book Procrastination Equation and Distinguished Research Chair in Advanced Business Leadership at Haskyne School of Business.

"David's book provides excellent insights on the direct impact of a timely decision on the performance of a business team. A must read for any business leader, especially in emerging markets." – Mark Goyens, President Bekaert Asia

"Most leaders are concerned about how to make timely, precise and accurate decisions and often suffer from the failures in meeting these personal ambitions. In his brilliant book, David uses various techniques in analysing how people make decisions and in what way procrastination plays a role. With the excellent behavioural analyses and examples, leaders will gain knowledge from understanding the roots and consequences of procrastination and learn how to mitigate the negative effects. A must read for all leaders!" – Michael Thurow, Senior Advisor, InterChina Consulting

"You have got to read this book! It is easy to read and there are tons of practical tips and tricks to help you, the modern multi-cultural leader, become more efficient and effective. David's book is an inspiration to those of us wondering why leaders hesitate to take decisions that seems to be so obvious. Once you get started, you won't put it down!" – Bjarne Lemmich, Head of Finance College, Novartis Pharmaceutical

"Why do we delay the decisions we know that we need to make? Is it because we are afraid to fail? David De Cremer's book gives an answer to this critical question that in our current complex global world is more and more present. After reading this book you will not have any more excuses to delay your decisions." – José Martínez-Adam; General Manager Corporate Center Talent, Solvay S.A.

David De Cremer
CEIBS Professor of Management