ASEAN Champions: Emerging Stalwarts in Regional Integration

With a population of around 600 million people, and a combined GNP of more than US$ 2.4 trillion, the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) comprising countries in Southeast Asia, is set to become the seventh largest economy in the world. When it launched in December 2015, the AEC unveiled initiatives to create a single market and production zone, a competitive and equitable region, and integrated links to the global economy that are similar to those enjoyed by the European Union community.

In his new book ASEAN Champions, Parkland Chair Professor of Strategy Seung Ho Park and his co-authors seek to address the role of the strong local firms in regional integration. The book explores how these 'champions' succeeded and endured, despite facing adverse circumstances, and the factors that facilitated or impeded their participation in regional integration. It also provides insights for future firm and government-led strategies to enhance the integration process.

It is one of the few books that addresses the role and potential of local firms in the AEC and extends current research on institutional theory and strategic management, with a focus on how firms adapt to fledgling and unfavourable conditions. This work by Professor Park and his co-authors, Gerardo Rivera Ungson and Jamil Paolo S. Francisco complements current narratives that focus on macroeconomic, socio-political, and trade considerations. The book is being published by Cambridge University Press.

Parkland Chair Professor of Strategy