Bootcamp closing ceremony

Written by: Dennis Bridgeforth, Sophia Wu, Michael Tang

Thursday March 3, 2016 –  Elab official (luncheon) bootcamp closing ceremony was held in Hongfeng Hall at the common's building. 

The ceremony started off with an official welcome speech by Professor Vincent Chang. Professor Vincent Chang introduced and thanked the investors, professors, and all those who work behind the scenes to make Elab happen for their support.  Followed by a few words from Vice President and Co-Dean Dr. Zhang WeiJiong, who spoke on the motivation by behind Elab and how it is in place to help future business leaders. Dr. Zhang mentioned that he hoped through the Elab platform and its investor relations, ideas can be proactively put in motion.

Just before the awards were given to Elab participants Dr. Chen Shimin, Associate Dean, gave the audience a background on the history of Elab; he said the idea started after a visit to Darden's school of business in 2014. While at Darden, he visited Darden's Incubator and had the opportunity to visit two other incubators while in the United States, and from that point on he thought that CEIBS should have an incubator of its own. CEIBS Elab started March 2015, with the guidance and help of Professor Vincent Chang, and took its first wave of students in the fall of that year. Professor Chen Shimin wrapped up by saying that Entrepreneurship was messy and uncertain but the Elab is in place to encourage and provided needed information to students. Professor Chen Shimin is confident with the support of the investors, the drive of the students, and support from the school, the ELab will have long term success.

CEIBS Elab award recipients were:

•    Abhishek Kumar
•    Alex Lu 
•    Amit Jangir 
•    Arie Fasman
•    Arpit Mishra 
•    Cheng Yang
•    Daniel Wang
•    Diego Garcia
•    Fei-Ju Hsiao
•    Haixin Shi
•    Han Jiang
•    Jason Chen
•    Jesse Miller
•    Michael Tang
•    Mohit Juneja 
•    Xuan Zhou
•    Alese Yang
•    Andrew Jiang
•    Ann Shen
•    Cani Tang
•    Derek Liu
•    Dhiraj Kumar
•    Eileen Wang
•    Elsa Yuan
•    Hana Wu
•    Hanson Han
•    Jeffery Tchu
•    Jessie Xu
•    Jorden Pei
•    Lincoln Poon
•    Luca Zihie
•    Neo Qi
•    Olga Grevsteva 
•    Sean Tan
•    Shawn Shao
•    Simon Qi
•    Wendy Luh
•    Yizhou Shui

Following the awards, Professor Rama Velamuri congratulated students for completing the ELab bootcamp. He said Entrepreneurship is a learning journey that students should practice as a career not a onetime thing, and he encouraged everyone in the room to adopt the 'I can learn from anyone' mentality.

After the ceremony Elab members where given the opportunity to mingle with the investors that attended the event.  

Overall the first Elab bootcamp was successful and we look forward to bigger and better things as Elab prepares for the second wave of participants.