Shawn Shao

Founder / Zozo-Wood

MBA 2017

Industry: Furniture


* 2017 expected, MBA, China Europe International Business School

* 2014, MSc in Forestry Engineering, NanJing Forestry University


China furniture industry market is huge. The Company through the Internet+ integration of furniture industry supplies chain, service from design to production to marketing. To build the furniture industry platform where designers can direct communication with consumers and enterprises. Publicity China's original design, reduce the price of furniture products, let consumers to participate in the design and manufacturing processes, assist in furniture industry.

The operation mode of the propaganda through the Internet platform, let furniture designers and consumers communicate directly. Through the crow founding etc Internet marketing model, to reduce the high marketing cost of the furniture industry.

Shawn Shao graduated from Nanjing Forestry University in 2008, and later in a German woodworking machinery company, with 7 years experience as a regional manager. Mainly work together with furniture factory, to help them improve process, improves the machining accuracy. Have a lot of useful related resources in the industry of furniture and accessories.