Jessie Liu

MBA 2012

Founder, Lucky Baby

Industry: Maternal and Infant


2014 MBA, China Europe International Business School
2008 Ph.D in Microelectronics, Louisiana Tech University
2004 MA in Electronics Engineering, Louisiana Tech University
2000 BA in Chongqing University



Lucky Baby brings the valuable and precise information in baby’s health and educationto the parents by helping them talk to professionals in the field through its platform. We guarantee quality and certification on all our supplies for the infants, and we also provide high level, private, and customized activities for parents and infants.

Generally, the traditional baby & mom platforms profit model uses advertisement as its main source of revenue even though this is not very user-friendly. Too much advertising leads to a poor user experience, consumers' stickiness becomes low which in turn affects the brand reputation. We want to break this kind of profit model by relying on unique social rules and quickly establishing an added value within the social ecosystem. We will plough to grasp the real points and needs of the parents in different stages by providing valuable information and service, and by cultivating a high quality community.  By this approach, we will let parents ensure their time and energy, be efficient when activating in our platform, and thus solve the headache of the current commercialization dilemma.

Jessie Liu gradated from Chongqing University in 2000 and joined Chongqing Baotong Optical Fiber Limited Company. Two years after, she joined the Lousisiana Tech University and finished both her Master and Ph.D programs studies. After her Ph.D graduation, she joined Solaria Cooperation in Fremont as a Senior Testing Engineer. In 2010, she decided to come back to China and joined Ysolars as Back-end Manager in Suzhou. In 2012, Jessie went back school to gain even more business knowledge and thus studied her MBA in CEIBS in order to support her future business. Now she is working at SDS Ventures Co., Ltd as a business partner. She is the mother of two kids, and -as such- she accumulates lots and lots of knowledge and experience about caring for and raising children. Nowadays she dedicates herself to the Maternal and Infants field to help other mothers.