Jinha Lee

Founding Partner / Wishary Co., Ltd

MBA 2013

Industry: O2O Grocery


* 2014 graduated, MBA, China Europe International Business School
* 2007,B.S. in Information & Computer Science , University of California, Irvine


While mom-and-pops stores in India account for over 90 percent of the country’s retail sales, each store still remained helpless suffering from following issues. 1) Inefficient Marketing, 2) Lack of economies of scale, 3) Less Technology Savvy.

Nukkadly provides technology-savvy-free marketing and POS tools to serve mom-and-pops stores mainly in Tier 2 Indian cities. Nukkadly will grow with mom-and pops stores guaranteeing: 1) Store independency with management support, 2) Co-branding and marketing under Nukkadly, and 3) Aggregating demands on sourcing.

Jinha Lee grew up in Korea and got her B.S. degree from the US. Believing that larger opportunities lie in Asia, she applied for CEIBS after working in cross-border trading in Korea. During CEIBS MBA, she started this venture with 3 other classmates from China, Korea and India. The venture focused to leverage the cross-border opportunities by setting up entities in China, Korea and India.