Sanford Chen

Founder / Lending Bay

MBA 2008

Industry: Finance

* 2008 MBA, China Europe International Business School
* 1997, BA in Economics, Shandong University of Finance & Economics


SME lending suffers high risk, high cost, high security demand and low operational efficiency. Banks want real time easy monitoring of borrowers’ key person, inventory, cash flow, etc. SME borrowers hate to provide security but want cheaper, faster, and easier lending. Today’s products and services, however, have barely satisfied these needs.

Lending Bay (LB) designs loan products and provide IT systems to meet these 2 needs. The systems collect and analyze data while monitoring borrowers’ key person, inventory, cash flow and financial status etc., on a real time basis. Combining risk control experience/model/methodology with data analysis, we establish pre-screen, verification, and early alert systems which are totally new to banks.  

Personal Experience: 1997-2000 staff, ABOC Guangxi Branch; 2000-2001 staff, Trade Finance, ANZ Shanghai Branch; 2001-2006 Team Head, SME Department, Standard Chartered Bank Shanghai Branch; 2006-2008 CEIBS; 2008.04-2008.10 China Local Expert/Trainer of trainers, SME Lending CMB Project, SIBFI & IFC; 2009-2010 SME Department Head, Bank of Ningbo Shanghai Branch; 2010-2012 Sales VP, Private Wealth Management, Deutsche Bank China HQ; 2013-2015 Co-Founder, KPIW Supply Chain Finance Service Co., Ltd; 2015-present Founder, Shanghai Lending Bay Co., Ltd.