Diploma in Leadership Development Programme: The Future Leaders’ Boot Camp (Modular)

Start Date: June 20, 2019


The programme is designed for young, ambitious managers of all nationalities with a minimum of 3 years business experience, who want to propel their managerial career to a higher level. Identified as future leaders by company management, they are often included in their organisation’s succession plan. Proficiency in spoken and written English is a premise for a successful programme application.

We encourage companies to nominate a group of high-potential employees for the programme. Not only will the programme accelerate your organisation’s talent development, it will also help you build a management team with shared values and a common language.


Companies across the world are facing mounting challenges in today’s turbulent global economic environment. With a burgeoning virtual economy, new competition from emerging markets, and dire economic forecasts from Europe, today’s business executives need a deeper understanding of business fundamentals and a heightened capacity to lead. Successful managers must increasingly be able to develop a global mindset, as well as the capacity to manage – and adapt to – complex issues that typically accompany volatile changes in the marketplace.

CEIBS, Asia’s leading business school, has developed the Diploma in Leadership Development Programme: Future Leaders’ Boot Camp (DLDP) to transform emerging managers into leaders who can confidently embrace their roles as major players in today’s increasingly complex business environment. The brand new DLDP is an upgraded version that has been developed based on one of CEIBS’ flagship programmes, the Diploma in Management Programme which was launched in 1998 and has been widely welcomed by multinationals in China for the past 20 years. To reflect the changing global business environment, the DLDP keeps the core business fundamentals of the old DIMP and adds an additional emphasis on personal leadership development. Instead of the traditional topic-focused programme delivery approach, the DLDP adopts an integrative and innovative methodology to re-enforce what participants learn through a special focus on experiencing, coaching, exercising, teamwork and competing. 

The upgraded DLDP will provide an intensive and inspiring learning experience to young and ambitious managers who are seeking career advancement and broader responsibilities. The programme is divided into two parts – a compulsory section of four modules and an elective section of two modules. The compulsory section allows participants to develop a firm foundation in the fundamentals of management, including skills in various functional areas, meanwhile, exploring their leadership potential and enhancing their leadership and business capabilities. The elective section enables participants to develop their business competencies further according to their areas of expertise and interest. The elective modules offer nearly 17 choices, in key business areas, such as marketing, operations, organizational behaviour, strategy, finance and accounting. For applicants from outside China, the programme has the additional benefit of giving participants the opportunity to accelerate their leadership potential while also building their understanding of this critically important market.

Programme Coverage

  • Module 1: Understanding Business Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Building and Excelling in Leadership
  • Module 3: Understanding Finance and Economics
  • Module 4: Strategy Execution and Implementation
  • Module 5: Elective Module
  • Module 6: Elective Module

A certificate of completion will be awarded.

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Programme Fee

RMB 208,000

Programme Fee includes tuition, case licensing fees, lunches, stationery, other course materials, interpretation and translation fees if required. The full fee must be paid within two weeks upon receipt of the payment notice. Applications made within 30 days of the start of a programme require immediate payment. CEIBS reserves the right to amend information on this programme including price, discount, date, location, faculty, daily schedule and other details.

Contact Us

Alex Hu
Telephone: (86 21) 2890 5185
Mobile: (86) 186 1681 0682
Email: halex@ceibs.edu


Programme Director 
Professor of Operations Management
Associate Dean
Director of GEMBA Programme, CEIBS


Professor Kalun Tse

Professor Bala Ramasamy

Professor Price, Lydia

Professor Flora Chiang

Professor Emily David

Professor Carney, Richard W.

Programme Objective

The programme is tailor-made for up-and-coming leaders, providing an innovative and rewarding learning experience. We will help you to: 

  • Build your understanding of business essentials (finance, economics, marketing, operations and strategy)
  • Reflect on your personal and professional goals and give you the tools needed to achieve your targets
  • Explore your leadership potential, shape your leadership style and excel personal leadership development
  • Gain an understanding of the business environment in China

The programme is challenging, intensive and interactive. In addition to traditional classroom lectures, the course integrates leadership exercises, extensive personal/group coaching, discussion of real-life case studies and action learning projects.

Programme Benefits

Benefits to Participants

This programme enables participants to:

  • Step back from their daily responsibilities and gain a broad, integrated perspective of general management.
  • Understand their role in their company, learn how to manage up, down, across and outside of their company’s organization.
  • Perform a working assessment of their organisation and formulate solutions to individual job challenges.
  • Be more confident in making decisions in complex and uncertain situations.
  • Gain an understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses as future leaders.
  • Have opportunities to develop a personal network of useful contacts in China and the rest of the world.
  • Review and refine personal and professional goals.
  • Form a plan to help move towards objectives.
  • Develop an understanding of China’s unique business environment.
  • Gain insights into how to work effectively with managers from various backgrounds.
  • Enjoy membership in the CEIBS alumni association.

Benefits to the Sponsoring Company

Diploma in Leadership Development Programme offers the participant's employer the following opportunities to:

  • Invest in the organisation's future by cultivating, retaining and motivating key talent, thus securing future business success.
  • Ensure young managers are in line with latest management techniques and introduce new ideas into the organisation's operations.
  • Develop a professional management team with comprehensive management knowledge and gain a competitive edge in the talent war.
  • Create a common language, approach and shared values to overcome communication boundaries.

Programme Schedule

Compulsory Modules

In order to enhance the relevance for both the participants and their companies, the programme has been structured into two parts, one part compulsory and the other part elective. The compulsory part includes four regular modules covering a range of functional areas as well as the skills necessary for managerial advancement. During these four modules, participants will gain a comprehensive knowledge in business management. These four modules are:

Module 1: Understanding Business Fundamentals (June 20-23, 2019, Shanghai)

  • Marketing, Operations

Module 2: Building and Excelling in Leadership (September 2-7, 2019, Shanghai)

  • Strategy, Leadership, Organization Behavior

Module 3: Understanding Finance and Economics (November 4-10 am, 2019, Shanghai)

  • Finance, Economics, Strategy

Module 4: Strategy Execution and Implementation (June 2-5 am, 2020, Shanghai)

  • Business Simulation

Elective Module
After completing the four compulsory modules, participants will begin the two elective modules. The two modules can be chosen according to the participants’own interests and expertise, from our list of short open programmes. Participants will be informed about the availability of electives upon the completion of the compulsory modules as below :

  • Strategy
    • Developing a Strategic Mindset

    • New Perspectives on Strategy in an Ever-Changing World

    • Strategy Execution

    • Game Theory in Practice: How to Compete and Cooperate More Effectively?

  • Leadership
    • High Performance and Sustainable Leadership

    • The Psychology of Coaching Teams and Leading Organisation

    • Women in Leadership Programme

  • Negotiation & Decision-making
    • Strategic Negotiation Programme

  • Organisation & Management
    • Human Resources Management: Psychology, Human Nature and Culture

    • Talent Management Programme

    • Managerial Psychology in Practice

  • Marketing & Sales
    • Key Account Management

    • Marketing and Branding Innovation in the Digital Age New

    • Strategic Sales Forces Management

  • Finance and Accounting
    • Financial Statements Interpretation for Decision-Makers

    • Managing Strategic Investment Decisions

  • Operations Management
    • “Supply Chain Plus” and Business Model Innovation: New Insights into Company Transformation

Programme video

Note: Please make sure you have Windows Media Player installed on your computer to view the videos.

DLDP is designed very well, I enjoy to learn from this course. It really benefits my current and future career. I’d like to recommend young generation of leadership to participate in the program, to quick develop, quick fit the future business environment.
Yanqing Shen
HR Director
Lianhe Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.


DLDP facilitates my perception about the connections between people, performance, business and strategy. It helped me reshape the perception towards people: in the organization, a good business performance comes from a group of passionate people, and passionate people will develop a unique vision for a distinguished strategy of the business.
Juliette Xia
China HR Director
Bonfiglioli Drives (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Teaching Language


Admissions Procedures

Applications are requested at least 30 days before the programme start date. Applications are reviewed as they arrive and admissions are subject to the final confirmation of CEIBS. Any applications received after that date will be considered on the basis of space availability. For more information, please contact our Customer Service Team in Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen.


Any cancellation made 30 days or more prior to the programme start date is eligible for a full refund of programme fees paid. However, the expenses arising therefrom shall be for the account of the applicant or his/her employer. Any cancellation made less than 30 days prior to the programme start date shall be subject to a fee of 20 percent of the total programme fee. After the programme starts, no fees shall be refunded for participants who withdraw from the programme for any reason.


To ensure the continuity of your learning, you are required to make proper arrangements according to the course schedule after receiving your letter of enrollment. We will neither make up lessons for you nor confer you with the certificate of completion if you are absent from the course for personal reasons. CEIBS reserves the right to amend information on this programme including price, discount, date, location, faculty, daily schedule and other details.